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a different time, a different man

Friday, April 24th, 2020

time: poof, it can disappear

what is time anyway

can u feel it with ur naked breast

can u eat it for breakfast like flappyjacks

can u apply it in the shower to perhaps maybe ur hair as a cleansing treatment

can it pat ur butt and tell u good game

or wipe the dribble from ur chin?

old man3

a recent photo of me

why are u asking me

what do i know

for i am but a grizzled old man

cheeks sunken by endless funtasy summers past

eyes cloudy from premium bud light platinums of yesteryear




hand alone


even so

i thrust my hand into the darkness

i do this not for me u see

i do it for u – the fan

who demands to pump again

to pump once more


photography of people having fun

some fans, going absolutely bananas

u see THE UNSHEATHED! has always been “fan-centric”

and so we have no choice

but to wake the beast that sleeps within

hya beast hya

rise up

rear ur beastly head

expose us to ur beastly body

for to be suckling upon ur beastly teet

we must regain our strength

our desire

bit by bit