LA is out of control.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

children listen and come close to me, i have to talk about something very importy.

it’s not about me, don’t worry, sir scroto is a-o-k.

but there is someone who might not be 😦

and it just so happens to be the second most importy person in THE UNSHEATHED!sphere……

it’s LA guys.  he’s gone loco. i think maybe 4 real this time.

every weekend the guy is putting on a show

every summer night another funtasy summer night.

at first, when our meteoric rise to fame and power sent us to the moon and back

it was cool to see him vibe that vibe out

but now it’s nothing bud rented ford mustbangs, weekend ‘xcursions, platinum, fests,  etc..

is he gone for good? what would this mean for THE UNSHEATHED!?

look at this vicious beast.  he’s terrifying.

i feel like maybe this is my fault.

i feel like maybe if wasnt there for him

to help ground him when he began to identify as a member of one of the top dj duos in the global dance music scene.

that the shock of coming from the hayseed cornfed sticks of nowheresville, Mass

to the rich colorful cultural tapestry that is new york city and it’s surrounding boroughs

was just flat out more than the human brain can handle :/

“why do i have such an angry young man hell bent on going down in a blaze of glory?”

maybe i should take a tip from goldstein n brooks n weiss…

or should i stoke the disco fire within?


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