PHASE 2 — the reBEEF.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

welcome 2 phaze 2: the reBEEF.

bet u thought we were out of ur hair.

bet u thought that if u just liked the facebook musical group fanclub page

that we’d leave u alone.

ha. this is surely ur own folly. for THE UNSHEATHED!

are far too obnoxious for that.

in fact, we spend all day brainstorming ways we can be more obnoxious.

we get it – most of u don’t think this is funny.

we get it – most of you think this is repetitive and uncool.

we effing get it.

so guess what my babes?

we’re doubling down.

that’s right i said it.

time to double down on our digital annoyance strat.

squeaky wheel gets the grease, u tender-slender babes u.

some things u can expect from THE UNSHEATHED! reBEEF going forward:

  • MORE über viral blog post-its
  • MORE scintillatingly brilliant tweets via @THEUNSHEATHED
  • MORE juicy content via unjackable tracks / chuggernaut mixes / etc.
  • MORE updates on where Scroto’s house keys may or may not be
  • MORE news on party boy #1 LA Johanssen / his hay-seed upbringing in the sticks of rural mass / how that has affected his growth into young-manhood / how he identifies with the global dance music scene / his general vibe

so grease m’up, and get with this disco because we fiddin to ride this bad reputation all the way to the top.

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