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Monday, February 27th, 2012


how do you feel on mondays my babes? do you feel tired n sluggy?

sometimes THE USNHEATHED! do 2 #2tru.

said it before, will say it again – being a dj duo is a tuffy.

especially when your dj partner is such a party boy (LA).

sometimes on sunday nights – when i lay in my beddy-bye – i think about my brain.

sometimes feel like my brain is just a big game of original zelda for ‘tendo.

but the cartridge is old and rusty and you cant save ūüė¶

so you just have to leave it running all the time and hope you dont lose power and the system doesnt restart.

after all, you already have the pink pajamas.

sometimes on monday mornings i feel like i just came home to the title screen.

wreathed in ivy, with its beautiful waterfall ever-flowing.

all my game’s progress lost…three hearts…nary a sword

but just like in ‘tendo, each monday i begin my quest for knowledge a-new.

my brain scrubbed of any prior knowledge.

kinda like quaid or hauser or quaid or hauser or…

whoever he really is cuz they never really tell you

still a pretty good film though.

can i reach total recall? or is it all just a pipesman’s dream?

“scroto – start the reactor.”

but don’t worry about me – i’ll be fine. ¬†just going to go on my way.

computer, load <crush> sequence please.

ha ya extra extra.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

press contact:



feb 2k12 – AVE. D – internet pioneers and international dj duo THE UNSHEATHED! announced today the formation of a content rich and “fan-centric” media network cross several platforms that will capitalize on their meteoric rise to fame and power since launching back in yesteryear.

“tis ¬†tru,” said THE UNSHEATHED!’s sir scroto baggins aka the duke of jonesbury, “2 tru some may say, that people love us. ¬†they love the content, they love the branding, it’s really been a viral smash. really starting to feel blousey around these parts”

among the new properties making up ha-ya holdings destroy holdings international media & publishing are: will continue to be ur #1 source for news surround THE UNSHEATHED! and viral marketing strategy. ¬† will be a viral powerhouse providing the utmost in memeable content that people will be tumbling, tweeting and generally blogging about for hundreds of years to come. ¬† will be a social media/wiki/fan-centric forum where users can become “courage seekers” and submit user generated content and feel like maybe they are as viberous as THE UNSHEATHED!.

“we feel just so bless’ed,” added man’s man LA johannsen, “and when the vibe is white hot, u have to stryke. ¬†that’s when things start to feel fun, when things start to feel blousey.”

the move to acquire the media network was made over the course of several weeks with help of go daddy and some birthday haul cash that THE UNSHEATHED! thought wise to pump back into the viral marketing beast-machine.

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