Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

when THE UNSHEATHED! invite you to a party…

dare you say no?

maybe you dare.

but daring is a dangerous game my babes, muy dangerous indeed.

our favor tis not to be flippantly thrown away.

for there could be serious consequences.

dont say we didnt warn you, ry.

dont say we didnt tell you this was coming.

nvr wanted it to be like this – but you had to toy with us.

you started this cat and mouse game

now THE UNSHEATHED! is the cats,

and you ry, you are the mouse.

this is ry:

see here – he just helps himself as he pleases.

see ry was once our no1 fan. he was once part of the machine.

now he has cast us aside and in doing so has cast aside his relevance.

how does it feel ry? how does it feel to be irrelevant?

why dont you wear this name tag from now on.

ha ya i went there.

ha ya i would go there again if needs be.

see folks – ry responded ‘maybe’ to one of our facebook invites.

that is a HUGE no-no.

especially when you are committed to giving free relationship counseling at the party

it’s part of THE UNSHEATED!’s “total package” – (we offer a value to our fanbase as we our very fancentric)

take a look:

oh ry? are you there ry?

you are the worst.

you are the effing worst ry.

get your act together – you’re making a big mistake.


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