2 TRU 2 B TRU.

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

hey everyone

srry we’ve gone for a couple days.

didnt realize how hard the lack of ‘niques would hit.

hits hard my babes, 2 hard.

coming to realize some things about life.

could be too late now – day late dolly short

at least that’s what my dad told me on the phone on sunday.

was telling him about our struggies as an international dj duo

the fame, the fall, the questions that remain…

“child, you taint nothing but a figure to these people regular people.

they can’t love what they don’t know.”

fine dad.  i get it.  you’re right. i effing get it.


going forward we will be making ourselves available.

want you to know about us.

the men behind the genius.

so now we present 2 TRU TUES.

each 2TT we will reveal ourselves.

we will let you in.

you will know us, you will love us.

2 TRU TUES. # 1

When LA Johannsen was a little boy in the sticks of rural Mass., he stuck his finger in the neighborhood dogs butthole and the dog bit him hard cuz he felt violated.

peace out.



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