say a prayer for scroto…

Friday, January 13th, 2012

anybody heard from scroto yesterday/today?

please help, not like him, think something happened.

been worried sick all day/all nite, he was about to wear his brand new raw denim jeans in the rain, and i warned him, but he wouldnt listen, do you guys even know what happens to raw denim jeans in the rain?

he didn’t chat me, or even  hit me up on my beeper, scared,  you guys

he was distraught about ‘losing his grasp upon the reigns of the viral marketing beast’.  told him to chill out  ‘n that he needed to pick up my effing fog machine that he left at heathers on New Years Eve and he lost it and left crying, i tried to help, but i had to get to my deskjob.

here are some pics of my fog machine & scroto just in case u guys forgot what they look  like, please post, please copy & share, copy & share, please help us find him & my fog machine too, miss them both so much

if u guys hear anything, please page me, lost without him, lost…



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