Wednesday, January 11th, 2012


another day – another milestone.

build off the buzz, that’s what i was always told.

build your buzz home of brick so the big bad buzz wolf cant come blow it on down, lil piggies.

after announcing the news about ‘chella, our content rich blog crested 300 unique web hitz.

officially a viral smash.

can’t say we didnt see this coming. ha

LA doesn’t get it – can’t get it.

that’s why me, sir scroto, drives this marketing beast.

i crack my whip upon this viral marketing beasts back and force it onward.

hya hya onward, beast.

want to share a secret with you – the fan.

going viral isn’t easy.

but going viral also isnt 2 hard.

look at this diagram i just drew up real quick

Viral Marketingjust copy and send babe.

just copy and send to as many other ‘puters as you can.

but before you can copy and send, it’s important to get juicy content.

just the juiciest bits.

don’t follow this path, and you taint nothing but some jive-turk-fool.

don’t heed this word and your dreamz of going viral taint nothing but a whisper…a faint whisper in the night.

don’t live by this creed, and going viral taint nothin but a wish.


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