Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Coachella 2012

can’t even believe it.

can’t even believe my eyes, can’t even believe my ears.

feel so blessed – feel like god has reached down his ebony hand and touched us.

thank u. all of u.

but could it really be all luck?

no – probly not.

when you are in a hot dj duo, and are mentioned in the same sentence as people like dj comfy and dj stewey decimal & the get wild 5 – people notice you.

people turn their heads when they see you getting pastrami in your bodega.

ha ya i eat pastrami just like u regular people

people tilt their shades for a better look when they see you walking with ur babe down the streets.

ha ya i go for walks with my babe just like u regular people

but it’s not all good looks and talent.

good fortune = luck x good looks x some effort i guess

it’s about have a content rich blog and exploring every corner of the blogosphere.

it’s about contesting and doing giveaways, like lmtd edish signed mp3s.

just so thankful for all the fans who called ‘chella, made this work – made this happen.

just so thankful for the fans who tweeted at the high powered music exec gate keepers – and key masters- to get us on the bill.

just so thankful period – feel so blessed


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