under pressure.

Monday, January 9th, 2012


it’s no surprise that being a hot dj is tough.

it’s tough on the emotions, it’s tough on the family.

(dont have a fam just yet, but my babe gets bummed out when im stuck on the decks and cant vibe w/ her on the dancefloor)

the thing is, when the second half of your dj outfit is some hay-seed from rural mass., it makes life extra hard.

always drinking, never pressing the right buttons on his ‘puter

sometimes so drunk he uses stern language w/ Scroto

makes people think we are unprofessional – that we don’t even know what were even doing at all.

but we do.

i know LA was raised by wolves in the sticks of mass.

where men become local townie drunks and chicks become butterface nfl cheerladies

want to give him the beney of the doubt though.

sure he knows how to disco, sure he knows how 2 boogie.

but can he keep the flame burning?

hope so…

…need to believe so

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